Talk Thelema: Gather

Settling Down

Once you have determined a place for your group, Talk Thelema is a program that you are going to want to promote. We believe in promotion that exhibits a quality and professionalism and that moves outside the stereotypical occult norms. You are encouraged to come up with your own unique advertising—and there are also some guidelines that we insist upon—but we also provide advertising copy that we are more than happy to localize for your Talk Thelema group.

Available Talk Thelema Advertising Posters

Into the Light Salt of the Earth, Stars of Heaven

We will continue to develop more posters and flyers for Talk Thelema as well as collect any that are donated by outside groups. These can be obtained in Resource Downloads.

Advertising Guidelines for Talk Thelema Groups

You are welcome to create your own marketing materials as well. You can obtain the Talk Thelema and HeartFlame Ministries logos for use with your advertising from the Resource Downloads page.


Proper use of Talk Thelema logo and name is important. You may use the Talk Thelema logo or name to refer to your own Talk Thelema group provided you follow these guidelines. Your use must not mislead individuals or groups as to any HeartFlame Ministries sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your organization beyond the cosponsorship of your Talk Thelema group.

All Talk Thelema groups must adhere to the following minimum guidelines:

Talk Thelema Logo
  • … shall be displayed prominently and primarily on all Talk Thelema materials; and
  • … shall be the largest logo displayed on all advertising material that is exclusively dedicated to the Talk Thelema group, location, and other details; and
  • may be in any color scheme that is necessary and appropriate for the advertising material.
HeartFlame Ministries Logo
  • … shall be displayed on all advertising material; and
  • … (for groups directly associated with HeartFlame Ministries) shall be the primary sponsor logo on all advertising material; or
  • … (for groups not directly associated with HeartFlame Ministries) shall be the secondary sponsor logo on all advertising material to the left or below the primary sponsor(s) logo(s); and
  • … shall be of visually equivalent size to all other sponsor logos; and
  • may either be in the original black and red color scheme or be a single solid color that is necessary and appropriate for the advertising material but shall not be recolored to any other color scheme outside these two allowed options.