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Mentoring Talk Thelema

Success in any endeavor relies on many factors. One of the most overlooked opportunities in Thelemic communities is the concept of mentorship.  Whether utilizing a mentor or being a mentor, we believe mentorship is a resource that assists small groups to mature in an organic and functional manner by making available the experience and wisdom of those who have found success with the Talk Thelema program. But what is mentoring? It’s not just someone who is a cheerleader for your latest endeavor. A mentor is a coach, a guide, a friend that works with you to achieve success.

Mentoring is a relationship to help you reach your potential.

Mentoring is not a helpline. It is a relationship. Mentoring is not about taking you by the hand like a mother or father. It’s more about being the crazy Aunt or Uncle on the other side of the phone or across the table over coffee. Mentoring asks, “How can I help you?” instead of “What should I teach you?” All the information you need to run a Talk Thelema group is found here on the Talk Thelema: Gather website. But mentoring is our desire to go one step further, to be right there to help you through all the phases of growth in your small group. 

Each Step of the Way

We are committed to seeing you succeed with your Talk Thelema group—and we should! Talk Thelema is a brand that we’re committed to spreading as far and wide as possible. We can only do that if you are prepared and empowered to embark on the journey of hosting and growing a small group.

Of course, mentoring is optional, but available if you wish to pursue it. Once established, the bond of mentorship is sustained and nurtured to assist in growth and expansion. 

First Steps

Getting started is a great place to start working with a mentor. The first steps are sometimes the most difficult. Lots of questions arise for new coordinators.

  • Where do I start a Talk Thelema group?
  • How do I look for a place to gather?
  • How do I approach the manager of a coffeeshop or pub or other establishment?
  • What do I say?
  • Do I need any paperwork showing I’m legit?
  • What should my first meeting look like?
  • Do I need to advertise?

A mentor can even run through the outline of a meeting with you privately so that you have the feel and understanding of the Talk Thelema Model.

Building Blocks

The first three months can be the most difficult, both in terms of logistics and enthusiasm. Most groups start out small, with one or two attendees, and grow from there. You mentor is there to encourage you. Are you having difficulties with a specific attendee or maybe a personality type that is causing conflict? Your mentor can talk you through options and ideas to either bring that individual closer into alignment with the civil discourse of the group or, as unfortunate as it may be necessary at times, determine effective ways to end the involvement of that individual.

Over all, weekly or bi-weekly check-ins—depending on your group’s schedule—with your mentor will offer that encouragement and sounding board to keep pressing forward.

Taking Flight

After six months of regular Talk Thelema meetings, you are settled and rolling through your group topics. Your group should be established, or growing, at this point. Your mentor will continue to be available for monthly check-ins. Your mentor wants to know what is working for you, what changes you’ve made to the program that are working better (or not working) so that we can pass those along to other groups. What best practices have you adopted and adapted to make your group a success? 

The relationship with a mentor does not end just because your group is flourishing. There will always be a bump in the road; and when that happens, two heads are better than one. Utilize your mentor to see what your next step might be. Maybe you see potential in one of your attendees to go out and start another Talk Thelema group elsewhere in your local area. Your mentor can help cultivate that relationship.

How Do I Get A Mentor?

Getting a mentor is easy.

Contact us and request one. 

Becoming a Mentor

Talk Thelema is about the people more than the program—the program serves the people—so our mentors are people focused on people. If all that sounds redundant, it is because we are stressing a point: people are the point. We are empowering people to not only grow as Thelemites but encourage growth in their local communities. This is not done through programs but through the diligence and passion of people. 

In order to qualify as a mentor, the following criteria must be met:

One year as a Talk Thelema coordinator

Excellent communication skills (online/phone)

A passion for people spreading the Law of Thelema

Contact us for more information if you are interested in pursuing the Talk Thelema Mentors Program.




Mentor Connections

  • FaceTime
  • Skype
  • Google Hangout
  • By phone